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Very unlike me to take a shot (with eye contact) of a stranger. She wanted money though but I had none. It's an aspect of photography/myself that I want to explore and evolve more... someday.

2010,  Analog,  Camera: Lomo LC-A,  Location: Gothenburg,  Music/Bands,  

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  • good !
    bawgaj @ 2010-08-17 17:44:34
  • this is something I rarely do as well and hope to do one day. :)
    Otto K. @ 2010-08-17 22:54:42
  • Daring step, Jonas, and a very good one.
    Luis @ 2010-08-18 07:40:25
  • I like taking photos with eye contact. But I don't like to give money for.
    It's one thing to give alms and just another to pay for taking a photo. Just my opinion.

    I like her smile, but I don't like her music, as it's the same all over the countries. And I can't hear it any more - - -
    grapf @ 2010-08-18 09:24:38
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