101107 (yy-mm-##)

Have to admit that I've been in denial mode when it comes to this camera, on this one it's obvious that it leaks light.
But this is something I embrace - I like it!
Can you spot the sheep farthest to the right between the trees?...

2010,  Analog,  Animal,  Camera: Pentacon six TL,  Location: Tidaholm,  

N/A | N/A | 0 sec | ISO N/A

© jonas eriksson [minimodi]




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  • nice low perspective.
    faisal @ 2010-11-09 22:49:18
  • they spotted you, did they charge? I like light leaks, my canonet 28 is a superb camera but is prone to leaking a lot, you could fix it but would you want to loose that unique flare?

    answer: Never fix a lightleak is my motto!
    rhys @ 2010-11-10 08:53:30
  • Great shot !!!
    Boris @ 2010-11-10 17:37:09
  • My favourite animals. My favourite frame. Rhy is damn right. Never fix a lightleak it makes some mighty fine compositions. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.
    Fritsch @ 2010-11-10 23:19:58
  • I like your perspective a lot. feels like we are hiding from the sheep.
    Otto K. @ 2010-11-11 21:24:42
  • I totally agree with Otto! Nice perspective!
    BlueCurl @ 2011-01-05 07:58:23
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