111010 (yy-mm-##)

2011,  Analog,  Camera: Pentacon six TL,  Location: Gothenburg,  

N/A | N/A | 0 sec | ISO N/A

© jonas eriksson [minimodi]




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  • Fantastic capture, simple but effective!
    Mats @ 2011-10-19 19:14:05
  • Bathing in your light, drowning in your minimalism is not just seeing but feeling. Simply great, Jonas! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.
    Fritsch @ 2011-10-20 08:49:52
  • Goes to show it's all about light. It's bountiful and rich here. Love the lines and texture and how these --in combination with the light-- work the mood. It's also the thing I have for wood, so finely placed with sense of culture and meaning as you see here. Such handiwork is rarer here in Mexico.
    Luis @ 2011-10-24 01:49:36
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