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I always wanted a 6x7 camera and finally I got a good deal on a Pentax 67. The biggest and heaviest ever but it's wonderful to shoot with. Kinda hard to nail focus though, dunno if it's me, my specimen or these cameras in general (probably me) but I tend to put focus just infront of the subject. Guess I just have to shoot some rolls to get the hang of it...

2012,  Analog,  Camera: Pentax 67,  Decay,  Location: Mark,  

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  • Lucky you and your growing collection. You sure know what how to use them and get the best results; truth be told, it looks like you have already gotten the hang of it.

    answer: Have to admit, zooming in 100% you see the focus is just a few inches in front of the tires.
    Luis @ 2012-06-09 00:51:47
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