100113 (yy-mm-##)

Listen the silence...

[shot of the day by: boris dumon]

2010,  Analog,  Black & White,  Camera: Rolleiflex,  Location: Tidaholm,  

N/A | N/A | 0 sec | ISO N/A

© jonas eriksson [minimodi]




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  • I really like this. Very dark, and the minimal depth of field adds a vague feeling to it. The shadowed trees in the background rise ominously above the horizon, and the path makes you feel like you have no choice but to go forward...
    Chris @ 2010-01-24 01:57:36
  • Som sagt, riktigt snygg bild! Bra tryck i den!
    Är den naturligt vinjeterad eller har du fuskat lite?

    answer: inget vingettfusk men dock var den ganska underexponerad i original.
    Daniel @ 2010-01-24 11:55:07
  • great art in b&w
    Klaus @ 2010-01-24 13:57:20
  • very dark shot (in mood I mean.)
    faisal @ 2010-01-24 23:10:14
  • I like the dark mood here.
    The Photodiarist @ 2010-01-24 23:28:35
  • There's a dark mystery to this image, Jonas. I wonder where the path might take us?
    Ginnie @ 2010-01-25 14:52:17
  • Wow ! I love this one !
    Perfect shot !
    Sylvain @ 2010-01-25 18:22:50
  • Love this use of selective focus...really makes everything stand out, blurred or not. Now did you get on your belly for this one? I second everyone's thoughts on the dark mood, but it's not a lugubrious one.

    answer: hehe, no bellyposition. the Rolleiflex has a body that make these kind of composition pretty easy.
    Luis @ 2010-01-27 02:17:08
  • congratulations on a great shot. there is a lot of things i like about this. the overall darkness, the shallow depth of field, the path leading to the dark forest. and the featureless sky hovering above it all. very nice
    Heiko @ 2010-01-27 13:25:25
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