100213 (yy-mm-##)

No need for windows when you're a ghost...

[shot of the day by: benoit paillé]

2010,  Analog,  Black & White,  Camera: Mamiya DSX 1000,  Decay,  Location: Tidaholm,  

N/A | N/A | 0 sec | ISO N/A

© jonas eriksson [minimodi]




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  • awesome shot... very lonely.
    faisal @ 2010-02-28 18:37:14
  • Nice place.
    Love the ambiance.
    Sylvain @ 2010-03-01 00:36:35
  • Great film grain - really adds to the atmosphere!
    Jonathan @ 2010-03-02 01:00:42
  • Damn, film is written all over this one. That texture is exquisite. The inclusion of the dead branches to the left adds to the overall gloomy mood of the image, but it's just as uplifting at the same time. I like the darkening around the lower left and right edges as well. Is this included in post processing?

    answer: thanks Luis, always a pleasure to read your impressions! The edges is the actual edges of the film, for some reason I like it that way... gives a true feeling I think.
    Luis @ 2010-03-02 07:48:08
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