100602 (yy-mm-##)

An allotment garden, seen on one of my daily walks with V.

2010,  Analog,  Camera: Lomo LC-A,  Location: Gothenburg,  

N/A | N/A | 0 sec | ISO N/A

© jonas eriksson [minimodi]




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  • I like that the roof is bent one way and the ground is bent another :-)
    Looks like it's some kind of lens distortion!
    Daniel @ 2010-06-02 18:28:25
  • wow, I love this straight shot, very good work!
    PIXistenz @ 2010-06-03 12:37:43
  • These homes? Never thought they could be so tightly situated like...gives the sense of being cramped.
    Luis @ 2010-06-04 06:18:42
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